“I would have benefitted immensely from a book like this early in my North American rally career. It was many years before I gained much of the knowledge that is in here. Save yourself the time!”
Nathalie Richard
9-time North America Rally Co-driver Champion

" A must read for drivers also, it's a team sport and it helps to know and understand the role of both crew. Not many people will know this but I was co-driving for 2 years before I got behind the wheel, and I must note that I was very bad as there were no books like this to help.”
David Higgins
5-time Rally America Driver Champion

"It’s been difficult for the many new people coming into the sport to get clear and constructive information on the various aspects of rallying—and especially co-driving. Mark in this book has clearly defined and explained the role of a co-driver in modern rallying—especially North American rallying. It’s sort of a “Co-driving for Dummies,” interspersed with anecdotes from his career, which makes the technical information easy to read. A book well worth studying by any newcomer and worth reading by any enthusiast.”
John Buffum
The most successful U.S. rally driver ever

“Your book is amazing. I'm learning a ton of stuff.”
Bill Caswell
Self-taught racing driver, mechanic, and fabricator who writes stuff about cars

“I flew through your most awesome book last week getting ready for Black Bear Rally. All the tips in there made doing recce and notes just a breeze. I laughed out loud at many of your stories.”
Russell Norton MD
Co-driver in the Ontario Performance Rally Championship

“Ultimately, anyone can learn to co-drive by competing and making mistakes on the way to success, but Williams' book offers a clear route to the podium." ... "Best read through completely and then kept close at hand, "A Guide To Rally Co-driving in North America" is an ideal reference for both drivers and co-drivers alike.”
Dean Campbell
Book review in PaceNotes column of Inside Track Motorsport News (read the entire review here)

“The word that comes to mind is "Wow!".  Over the years I have read just about all of the rally co-driving books that have been published and this book is head and shoulders better than any of the other books.  It is up-to-date and full of practical advice that is immediately useful to rally co-drivers and drivers too.  The frequent use of graphics, specific examples, and "war stories" make the issues easy to understand.”
Steve McKelvie
An active "itinerant" rally navigator - "Have Clock, Will Travel"

“Your book just arrived and all I can say is "wow". It has far more information and tips than I've been able to find anywhere else.  I've been scouring the internet and bookstores for info about how to become a great co-driver, but there is precious little to be found. Your book is exactly what I've been looking for.”
Sarah Jackson
An aspiring stage rally co-driver