Accelerate Your Progress to a Top Stage Rally Co-driver!

"Rallying is not one of the most widely followed and known sports in North America. To find information about who’s doing what or what’s happening is often an exercise in frustration. Books written concerning rallying tend to be twenty- or thirty-year- old “how to” books (which are seldom relevant anymore) or are autobiographies that really don’t tell us much about the current state of rallying. It’s been difficult for the many new people coming into the sport to get clear and constructive information on the various aspects of rallying—especially co-driving.

In this book Mark has clearly defined and explained the role of a co-driver in modern rallying—especially North American rallying. It’s sort of a “Co-driving for Dummies,” interspersed with anecdotes from his career, which makes the technical information easy to read. A book well worth studying by any newcomer and worth reading by any enthusiast.

John Buffum



Preface: Lessons learned from adventures in co-driving

Introduction: No Penalties. Increased Confidence. Lower Stage Times

1. The Capable Co-driver

Governing Documents

Time Controls

Timecards and Time Calculations

Tracking Scores

Safety Procedures

Organizer-supplied Stage Notes

Using Tulip-style Route Books on Stages

2. The Competent Co-driver

Phrasing and Timing of Notes Delivery

Personalizing Organizer Stage Notes

One-Pass Reconnaissance Using Organizer Notes

Team Operations Planning

3. The Contributing Co-driver

Pacenote Systems – Terms and Symbols

Reconnaissance Planning

First Pass Reconnaissance – Writing Pace Notes

Second Pass – Checking and Adjusting Pace Notes

Cleaning up Pace Notes

Pace Setting and Tactics

4. The Comfortable Co-driver

Personal Safety Equipment

Co-Driver Equipment



Reading Lights


Avoiding Kenetosis (Motion Sickness)



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